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Call 4 Action


Becoming a carer 10 years ago has been a privilege (albeit it a trauma for us all as my daughter sustained an ABI at the age of 28 with a baby 1yr old). I was so fortunate to have been in the position to help my girls. However, with it came financial disaster along with health problems. I know many of you experience the same. 



What is Call 4 Action?
We aim to set some objectives to discuss at government level to insist that change has to happen regarding the expectation that we carers, should work for free.

How will Call 4 Action achieve this?
Other agencies such as Carers UK lobby tirelessly on our behalf. We need to work together with these agencies and add our numbers to support their efforts. With an estimated 10 million carers, we have the potential to really make a difference if we commit to doing so. 

What you can Do?
Sign up to the website here. Join our Facebook group here. Please help the cause by sharing posts and comment on topics that you feel passionate about.

When we ask for help, if you are able to, please take action. This might involve sending an email (we can write it for you) to your local MP,  finding out who your County Councillor who is responsible for carers is and contacting them on our behalf when asked if you are able to.

Together, in numbers, we will be heard!

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Our ongoing #call4action projects: 

In July this year, I personally wrote to Priti Patel, who is my local MP to address the issue of carers like us around the UK being expected to carry out our demanding work as a carer with very little in the way of additional support such as reduced tax rates, parking allowances and other benefits enjoyed by other people such those that we care for. The response from Priti Patel was positive, however, we have long road ahead of us in bringing action regarding this situation. 

You can view my original letter which was sent to Priti Patel here and the response I received from Priti Patel here

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