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Club Coaching

"Built and designed to assist you in developing skills, to gain knowledge to benefit you in your future day to day life but also to reach your true goals"

Our Care 4 Carers Club Coaching is now live on Teachable: 

As a member of this club you will have access to 14 initial emails containing the coaching session delivered by video. These will arrive to your inbox every 2/3 days. There will be exercises to do in your own time too.

Every Wednesday there will a Zoom coaching session where any questions, queries, etc. can be handled live. All coaching members will be encouraged to try and attend these as and when they can. You can always contact us by email.

You will also have an opportunity to meet others on the programme.

As time goes on there will be bite sized presentations and interviews with a variety of speakers. This will give new and additional information, links and motivational sessions.

To register for this exciting opportunity please sign up on our Teachable page here.

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